Asobuyo! looks hard for good places to play. Sacramento’s own, Slice of Broadway, is one of the newest favorites in the Asobuyo! community. Here are three of the reasons why!

1) Co-owner, Bruce Lam and staff treat people like family. Before we knew him, Bruce would show up with our deliveries. More pizzas and more chats, and it seemed like we’d known each other for ages. We see him take the same approach with Slice of Broadway and the people that frequent: they’re treated like friends and family. Fits right in with the Asobuyo! core value of Family-Community. 

2) The ambiance and space. Open setup for playing tag, watching a sports, or playing games; booth seating for laying down or squeezing in; fun foods; pinball machine in the back. The art is playful and animated (some of it dark and twisted); best of all, nobody looks at you when you’re goofin’ around. During our first “test” we hosted a post-ToBuyo List event there and hung out and played some games without any advanced notice. A decent sized group and, as usual we were having fun and being loud. The staff and other folks there were just chill and relaxed. Just like being at home or a friends spot! Corresponding Asobuyo! core value: Fun-Play. 

3) The food! What food is more fun to eat and socialize over than great pizza and beer? Easy to share food brings about positive social experiences. The pizza is great and a fun experience by itself. For christmas they even made a pesto tree pizza! 

So there you have it. Slice of Broadway is fun because of how they treat people, the atmosphere and ambiance, and, of course, the food!