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Last Thursday we facilitated a GoBuyo Nights event at Queen Sheba on Broadway. Somehow, the vibe, food, and mix of players was just right.

So, why do WE think Queen Sheba is fun?

1) The food! Your everyday finger foods are great, but when you’re served delicious cuisine that you can only eat by using injera and fingers, you get sent to a whole other level of finger lickin’ fun. It’s like being a toddler and discovering how to eat by yourself all over again!

2) The history! There’s so much history behind everything there! Okay, the actual place isn’t THAT old, but pretty much everything has a story behind it. Stories are fun! It’s like you’re experiencing history by just eating. 

3) The bonding experience. There’s just something amazing to be said about the bonding experience of sticking your finger in someone else’s food and not having anybody care about it. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it really makes you feel close. Word of caution, be careful if you end up using a fork. People may get stabbed. 


This event was particularly fun because it had all of the right elements!

Amazing facilitators, good food, wonderful host (Bruce Lam and Slice of Broadway),

And most important of all…


positive players!

Thanks for helping to build community through play, one event at a time.